The Institute of Patent Attorneys India (IPAI) envisions being the premier institution for delivering exceptional and comprehensive training to aspiring Patent Agents and Patent Attorneys. We are committed to ensuring our candidates receive a top-quality education and acquire the qualifications to excel in patent law under the Patent Act and Rules. Through our unwavering dedication to excellence, we strive to shape the future of patent professionals and contribute to advancing innovation and intellectual property rights in India.



The mission of the Institute of Patent Attorneys India (IPAI) is to empower individuals who aspire to build successful careers as Patent Agents, Patent Attorneys, or Trade Marks Agents/Attorneys. We are dedicated to providing outstanding teaching, comprehensive training, and rigorous research opportunities in Patent Laws and Practice. By equipping our students with the knowledge, skills, and ethical values necessary for professional excellence, we strive to fulfil their dreams and create a community of competent and ethical intellectual property practitioners. Through our commitment to fostering innovation and promoting intellectual property rights, we aim to contribute to the growth and development of India's knowledge-based economy.




The Controller General of Patents announced that the Patent Agent Examination will be conducted on January 2025

The Institute of Patent Attorneys, India (IPAI) is dedicated to offering professional training in Patent Law and Practice, specifically tailored to prepare candidates for the Indian Patent Agents Examination. This prestigious examination, conducted by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry (Government of India) through Patent Offices, provides the essential qualifications required to practice as a Patent Agent under the Patent Act and Rules. At IPAI, we provide comprehensive and specialized education, equipping our students with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in the examination and thrive as competent and ethical Patent Agents. We aim to empower aspiring professionals to succeed in their patent law careers and contribute to the growth and protection of intellectual property in India.



Patent Agents, or Patent Attorneys, are specialized legal advisors who play a crucial role in guiding clients in protecting their Intellectual Property Rights. Like lawyers, Patent Attorneys work in private firms dedicated to patent law or within the patent departments of large industrial organizations and public research institutes.

The daily responsibilities of a Patent Attorney revolve around tasks such as drafting patent specifications, filing patent applications, managing correspondence with patent offices, responding to objections and office actions, representing clients in hearings, handling opposition proceedings, and defending applications against the opposition. These activities require a deep understanding of technical subjects and legal expertise, making them best suited for qualified Patent Agents.

To ensure high efficiency and professional integrity, the Patent Act has established specific qualifications for individuals practising as Patent Agents and mandates their registration. Only those who satisfy these qualifications and are registered under the Patents Act can practice as Patent Agents in India.

At the Institute of Patent Attorneys India (IPAI), we are committed to providing the necessary training and education for aspiring Patent Agents/Attorneys. Our programs equip students with the knowledge, skills, and ethical foundations to excel in this specialized field. By preparing our candidates for the rigorous demands of the profession, we aim to contribute to the growth of intellectual property protection and innovation in India.



The career scope for Patent Agents offers a wide range of opportunities and benefits. Here are some key aspects:

Filing International Patent Applications : Patent Agents have the authority to file International Patent Applications (PCT) for Indian applicants, enabling them to protect their inventions globally.

Handling Foreign Patent Filings : Foreign applicants seeking patent protection in India must engage an India Patent Agent, creating a demand for their expertise and services.

Outsourcing Patent Specification Drafting : Indian Patent Agents are often sought after for outsourcing patent specification drafting from countries like the USA, Canada, Australia, and Europe, presenting additional avenues for professional growth.

Freelance Work : Patent Agents can work as freelancers, offering their expertise in patent specification drafting to Indian and foreign IP law firms. This flexibility allows for varied and diverse work opportunities.

Lucrative Remuneration : Patent Agents receive handsome remuneration and salary packages, particularly in biotechnology, pharmacy, and engineering R&D firms, recognizing their specialized skills and knowledge.

Entrepreneurial Opportunities : Patent Agents can establish their IP law firms and consultancy services, providing comprehensive legal guidance and assistance in intellectual property matters.

In-House Drafting Attorney : There is an opportunity to work with English-speaking foreign law firms as an in-house drafting attorney, further enhancing professional exposure and experience.

The career scope for Patent Agents is dynamic and promising, offering the chance to contribute to innovation, protect intellectual property rights, and achieve personal and professional success in patent law.



The Institute of Patent Attorneys is committed to providing placement assistance to candidates who successfully clear the Patent Agent Examination conducted by the Controller of Patents. Upon obtaining the necessary qualifications, Patent Agents/Attorneys have many job opportunities.


Intellectual Property Law Firms : Patent Agents/Attorneys can explore career prospects in specialized Intellectual Property Law Firms, where they can work on a wide range of patent-related cases, provide legal advice, and assist clients in protecting their intellectual property rights.


KPO/LPO : Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) and Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO) firms also offer promising placements for Patent Agents/Attorneys. These organizations provide research, analysis, and legal support services to clients worldwide, allowing Patent Agents/Attorneys to apply their expertise globally.


Corporate Organizations : Many corporate entities have in-house legal teams managing their intellectual property portfolios. Patent Agents/Attorneys can secure positions as in- house advisors, where they play a vital role in ensuring intellectual property protection and handling legal matters related to patents and trademarks.


Entrepreneurial Opportunities : Patent Agents/Attorneys can choose to establish their own Attorney Firms and Consultancy Services, providing comprehensive legal assistance to clients in intellectual property matters. This entrepreneurial path allows individuals to shape their practice and build a client base.

The Institute of Patent Attorneys recognizes the importance of career placement and aims to assist its qualified candidates in securing rewarding positions in various industry sectors. The institute strives to facilitate successful transitions into the professional world for aspiring Patent Agents/Attorneys by providing guidance and support.



The Institute of Patent Attorneys, India, is pleased to offer a unique internship program exclusively for its candidates. After successfully clearing the Patent Agent Examination, candidates can participate in a professional internship program under Dr. R K Nair, a Senior Patent Attorney.


During the internship, candidates will be able to accompany Dr. R K Nair to at least five hearings before the Controller of Patents. This hands-on experience will provide valuable insights into the practical aspects of patent law and procedure. Participants will also be able to include details of these hearings in their CV, enhancing their professional profiles.


Furthermore, upon completion of the internship, participants will receive a separate internship certificate acknowledging their successful completion of the program. Dr. R K Nair, an accomplished Senior Patent Attorney, brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the internship program. He holds a law degree (BA LL.B) from Govt. Law College, Calicut University, has completed a Master's in Law (IPR) from the School of Law and Legal Studies, GGSIP University, Delhi. Additionally, he has obtained a PhD in Patent Law, focusing on the post-TRIPS patent regime in India.


With over 33 years of experience, Dr. R K Nair has been an advocate before the Kerala High Court and is a registered Patent Agent. He has also undergone specialized training in strategic intellectual property finance at the WIPO Academy, Geneva. He has completed the JPO/IPR Training Course for 'Patent Experts' at the Japan Patent Office, Tokyo.

As a faculty member of the Institute of Patent Attorneys, India, Dr. Nair has trained over 1000 Patent Agents since 2005. He has also been a visiting professor at esteemed institutions such as the Netaji Subhas University of Technology and Northcap University. The internship program under the mentorship of Dr. R K Nair offers a unique opportunity for candidates to gain practical exposure and enhance their knowledge in the field of patent law. The Institute of Patent Attorneys, India, is proud to provide this valuable learning experience to its candidates, contributing to their professional growth and development.



Educational Qualification : Candidates must hold a degree in science (in any science subject), Pharmacy, Engineering, or Technology from a recognized university or institution.

No specific age limit or restriction for appearing in the Patent Agent Examination exists. Candidates of all age groups are eligible to apply.


The syllabus for the qualifying examination of the Patent Agent Examination includes the following papers:

Paper I: Patent Act and Rules (100 marks)

This paper focuses on the knowledge and understanding of the Indian Patent Act and the accompanying Patent Rules.

Topics covered may include the provisions of the Patent Act, various sections related to patentability criteria, patent application procedures, rights and obligations of patentees, and other relevant provisions.


Paper II: Drafting and Interpretation of Patent Specification (100 marks)

This paper assesses the candidate's ability to draft patent specifications and interpret various patent-related documents.

Topics covered may include drafting complete and provisional patent specifications, claims drafting, description drafting, interpretation of patent claims, patent drawings, and other related aspects.


III: Viva-Voce (50 marks)

In addition to the two written papers, there is also a Viva-Voce (50 marks) component as part of the examination. The Viva-Voce aims to evaluate the candidate's overall understanding of patent law and their ability to apply that knowledge effectively. Only those candidates who have scored a minimum of 50% marks in each paper will be allowed to appear for Viva-Voce. A candidate shall be required to secure a minimum of fifty marks in Paper-I and Paper-II and shall be declared to have passed the examination only if he obtains an aggregate of sixty per cent of the total marks.




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Upon successfully completing the training program in Patent Law and Practice, the Institute of Patent Attorneys, India (IPAI) will issue the participants a separate training certificate in Patent Law & Practice.


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